Comfort, security and savings

Changing front doors: comfort and cost saving gains


Opale contemporary aluminium front door with Bel'M Design Opale garage door.


Thermal insulation

Comfort and cost savings often come together. The gain in thermal comfort also lets you make energy savings by limiting winter heating.

For example, replacing a door with Ud 1.6 by a door with Ud 1.1 W/m².K means reducing energy losses 30%.

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Proofing against air, rain and wind

Proofing against Air, Rain and Wind is an essential indicator of your entrance door's proper insulation. Your needs in terms of AWW proofing differ according to the location of your home, and its situation (city or seaside).

Remember that the most thermally efficient door will be absolutely ineffective if it is not windproof.

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Sound insulation

Comfort is also acoustic; don't be bothered by external noise once your front door is closed.

Your insulation needs can be more or less high depending on your home (urban,rural env. ,airport zone,etc..) to help you to choose the best front door Bel'M provides the accoustic performance of its models.     

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Changing entrance doors for greater security

Today security is a crucial selection. As insulation, your security needs depend on where your house is located.

Our front doors are introduce with standard security , you can also choose an extra level of security or for other options ( anti-crow bar reinforcement, peephole, etc...)

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