Certifications and labels

Regulatory requirements and conformities


European conformity

The CE mark is a marketing authorization that certifies product quality and conformity


Accessibility to persons with reduced mobility

All Bel'M entrance doors, with standard width*, comply with the regulatory requirements for accessibility to persons with reduced mobility.


Grants for houses in airport zones

Doors eligible for grants in airport zones, for houses located in zone 3 (the construction zone nearest the airport). More information.




Labels for aluminium


Qualicoat and Qualimarine are European quality labels that guarantee the fastness of colours and gloss over time, including in seaside saline environments. Labels that come with the Bel'M 10-year paint guarantee.  



Labels for steel

Qualisteel coat is a European quality label that guarantees the fastness of the colours and gloss on our steel entrance doors. At Bel'M this label comes with a 5-year paint guarantee.






Bel'M saves forests by preferring to purchase wood from sustainably managed forests. This means we have a policy of selecting our sources of supply.

Oak: our supplies mainly come from French PEFC** certified forests 


This mark certifies that the wood has been produced in forests with owners who are committed to respecting the rules of sustainable forest management. It also guarantees that the various transformation steps satisfied the requirements of the PEFC inspection system.

** PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

With an inspection system for supplies that complies with the PEFC regulations (quality certificate No. FCBA / 05-00568), Bel'M has the right to use the PEFC mark for all its oak products (No. PEFC / 10-31-631).


NF certification, external doors

NF certification confirms the quality of Bel'M products on the basis of a known managed reference system:

NF technical regulations, wood windows and external doors - verified by a certification body: the FCBA (technological institute of forestry, cellulose and wood construction). To date, Bel'M is the only company to hold this certification for entrance doors. Good thermal performance is only useful if it is combined with very efficient proofing, guaranteed by the NF mark.


The certified levels of performance are :

  • Permeability to air: A*3 Rain proofing: R*3B Wind resistance: W*A3
  • The minimum ARW required to obtain the NF mark for external doors: A*2 R*2B W*2. with 23°C and 30% humidity on the inner surface, and with 3°C and 85% humidity on the outer surface for 28 days.

Certified models are subject to continuous inspections in our workshops and external inspections several times a year by the FCBA. Each NF certified door bears an identification stamp. NF certification applies to 1 leaf door units with maximum reveal dimensions H2150 x L900 mm.

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