Bel'M's values

"Bel'M continues to implement a profound conviction: our growth can only take place if it is economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically responsible."

Yann Rolland, President of Bel'M.



Innovation and creativity

Developing the world of the entrance door: this is the goal of our R&D and Design teams.

Innovation concerns:

  • manufacturing principles
  • material combinations 
  • proposed dimensions
  • unlimited colours
  • insulation
  • eco-design and CSR approach.

Bel'M proposes a wide choice of models in a spirit of innovation and design, classical or traditional. Unlimited possibilities, with more than 220 models according to your choice criteria: architecture of the building, budget, welcoming spirit of the entrance, material, colour, etc.


Your entrance door should be able to match the colour of your shutters, highlight the building's architectural features, provide individuality to a basic building, etc.

Thanks to the different Design Bel'M models, your entrance door can also match your garage door (for models marked with this symbol ) and your gate (models marked on our website with this symbol ).



Refinement, relief, material and simplicity are the aesthetic codes that represent the brand. The door is not only a functional product providing thermal and acoustic performance but a product whose style is highly valued. Design, material and detail are all elements that add to the individuality of your home.



Elegance, authenticity and know-how characterize the Bel'M style; famed for its creativity, it stands against the fashionable and the superficial. Bel'M design defies time, for lasting pleasure!


Bel'M's requirements are found at all levels: thermal insulation, proofing to air, rain and wind (ARW), sound insulation, and environmental respect throughout the product life cycle.

Producing an eco-responsible product  means:

  • controlling energy demands, reducing impacts on water and the atmosphere
  • reducing impacts due to waste
  • steering a structured environmental approach
  • an organization based on basic rights
  • people whose goal is to value human capital


These commitments and values allowed Bel'M to achieve the Lucie label in 2009 (created on the initiative of Qualité-France Association to meet the expectations of consumer associations). A label renewed in 2012.

More about our "Social and Environmental Responsibility" approach

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