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AEV* : weatherproof

*AEV (a french acronym meaning « Air, Water, Wind »)

The AEV (a french acronym meaning « Air, Water, Wind ») designs the resistance of fittings from Air,Water and Wind. Higher is the value better will be the resistance.

Airtight:A*1:normal, A*2 : improved, A*3 : reinforced, A*4 : exceptional

Watertight (rain,bad weather): R*1 : normal, R*2 : improved, R*3 : reinforced

Method A: totally exposed product, B : partially exposed product.

Resistance to wind: as per 2 criteria : resistance to wind pressure is marked from 1 : weak to 5 : strong. Distortion is marked from A : weak to C : very weak

Weatherproofing ARW needs vary according to the location of the house (north or south France), according to the situation of the house (city, sea, etc.) and according to the building's overall height.

The most efficient door thermally will be absolutely ineffective if its proofing to air is defective, or if it was not fitting according to best practice.

Every new product is tested on our test bench, and we carry out quality control on the doors leaving production.

The NF certification for wood entrance doors guarantees certified ARW performance . To achieve NF certification, the ARW must be at least A*3 E*2B V*A3.

Bel'M is the only entrance door manufacturer to hold NF certification.

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